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  • Thursday, November 6, 2008 Remarks by Anna Burger at 2008 Post-Election News Briefing

    National Press Club, Washington, DC

    America's workers turned out. America's workers voted. America's workers won this election.

    In no other election in the past 40 years, have the choices for workers been so clear---and, the mandate been so overwhelming---for a progressive economic agenda. In no other election, in history, have young workers played such a critical role.

    On November 4, workers did not just turn the page -- they closed the book on the era of trickle down economics, tax breaks for the rich, golden parachutes for corporate executives and unrestrained greed.

    Young workers did not look back to the political battles of the past 40 years---they looked forward to the future they want for themselves, their families, their country and their world.

    Anxiety over the economy framed the election---but, it was hope and optimism for the future that determined the votes of workers.

    Workers envision a new American Dream for the 21st century---based on respect for their work, wages that can support families, a health care system that focuses on healthy lives rather than corporate profits, jobs to build a green economy and energy independence, and a government that is engaged and effective in opening the opportunities for all Americans to reach for their dreams.

    November 4 was the beginning -- not the end---of a workers political movement.

    We won an election, now we will change the country.

    Change to Win endorsed President-elect Barack Obama in February because his run for the White House was based on renewing hope for the middle class -- on restoring the American Dream for America's workers. Our unions played a vital role turning red states to blue:

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  • Thursday, November 6, 2008 Workers Vote For A New Economic Agenda

    Young Workers Overwhelmingly Reject Republican Approach To The Economy

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- America's workers had clear alternatives on economic policy on November 4, and gave a mandate to a progressive agenda for bottom-up, worker-driven economic growth, according to a post-election analysis released during a news conference today by Change to Win.

    "Anxiety over the economy framed this election -- but it was hope and optimism for the future that determined the votes of workers," said Change to Win chair Anna Burger. "We won the election, now we will change the country."

    Young workers in overwhelming numbers rejected the traditional Reagan-era Republican economic nostrums of unregulated corporate power, tax cuts for the wealthy and slashing of government programs in their decisive support for president-elect Barack Obama.

    "Young workers envision a new American Dream based on respect for their work, living wages, a health care system focused on healthy lives rather than corporate profits, and a green and energy independent economy," continued Burger.

    Lake Research Partners president Celinda Lake said results from her election survey of working voters signal the death of Reaganomics, and the beginning a new era of voter support for positive government to promote the American Dream.

    "There has been a complete change in how people view the role of government," said Lake. "The majority of workers no longer believe that government is the problem, they believe it must be part of the solution, marking the end of the Reagan era."

    Workers who were active in the election echoed the sentiments found in the polling data. Keith McCorkle, as 27-year Teamsters member from Greensboro, N.C., knocked on doors, visited worksites and helped get out the vote because working people need a government that works for them.

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  • Tuesday, November 4, 2008 Burger: Victory For Working People, By Working People

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The following is a statement from Change to Win chair Anna Burger on the 2008 elections.

    "Today, workers are voting for fundamental change, change in our economy and change in our government. The past eight years have been a disaster for working people. But the American spirit of optimism never wavered. This is our moment, and this election marks a new beginning for all Americans. We have the chance to put America on a new path -- a path that will rebuild the middle class, fix our national health care system, give workers the freedom to join a union without intimidation, and create a financial system that works for Main Street, not just Wall Street.

    "At its foundation, this is a victory for working people by working people. For working families, this election has always been about the economy, about health care, about rebuilding the middle class and renewing the American Dream for those who want nothing more but to provide the next generation with a better future.

    "This election marks an historic and transformational moment for all Americans -- and the beginning of a new era for working America. Never before have so many voters been so enthused and so determined to bring the change we need. Our preliminary findings show that an unprecedented number of workers, especially young workers are turning out. Americans of all backgrounds, all across the nation, are voting in record numbers to elect Barack Obama and pro-worker candidates up and down the ticket.

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  • Monday, October 13, 2008 McCain: Bad for Workers, Bad for America

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The following is a statement from Change to Win Executive Director Chris Chafe regarding John McCain’s speech today in Virginia Beach, V.A.

    "Today John McCain launched another attack on the rights of America's workers to receive fair wages and benefits on the job. In an election about change, McCain's attacks against workers represent more of the same mistreatment we've had throughout his career and the Bush years. Workers know McCain voted to ship our jobs overseas, to give tax breaks to companies that take jobs from our communities, and against raising the minimum wage 19 times. Now McCain's solution to our health care crisis is to tax our health care benefits. American workers know that John McCain is bad for their jobs, their wallets, and their families' health care. In this economic crisis, workers want a new President who will fight for good jobs in this country, and who will give every worker a shot at the American Dream. This election is about new leadership who will stand up to rebuild the middle class, and that is why Change to Win's six million members are supporting Barack Obama."


    Greg Denier, 202-721-0660
    Noreen Nielsen,

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  • Friday, September 26, 2008 Change to Win Demands Action On Main Street Concerns in Wall Street Bailout

    Grassroots Reject Bailout According To Union Leaders

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- One of the largest organizations of working Americans, Change to Win, called for rejection of Bush's $700 billion welfare for Wall Street plan today, and demanded immediate Congressional action to create a financial rescue plan that addresses the concerns and needs of Main Street.

    "Grassroots Americans are rising up and they are mad as hell. Members of Congress need to listen to the voices of the people of Main Street -- they think this bailout of Wall Street stinks," said Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa. "Our proposal is in line with what the majority of Americans want right now -- to restore financial stability, provide relief to homeowners, pass economic stimulus legislation to create more jobs and protect the pension plans of average Americans."

    The Change to Win immediate action program calls for:

    • Revision of bankruptcy laws to allow judges to restructure mortgages and interest rates to keep working families in their homes
    • Pension Fund eligibility for participation in any financial rescue plan
    • Economic stimulus legislation including extended unemployment benefits, funding of infrastructure projects and assistance for state and local governments to prevent devastating cuts in essential public services.

    "The congressional Republican leadership as well as John McCain have walked away from their responsibility to working families. They have no plan. They have no ideas. We are calling on the Democratic leadership in Congress to act now to revive the economy -- and, finally renew working Americans' faith in their government," said Bruce Raynor, General President of UNITE HERE.

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