Solving Income Inequality: We Told You So.

Friday, February 22, 2013

“Drastic income inequality growth in the United States is largely derived from changes in the way the U.S. government taxes income from capital gains and dividends, according to a new study by… the non-partisan Congressional Research Service.” Pretty much proving everything Democrats have been saying for years…

New Inequality Study Proves What Democrats Have Been Saying For Years - Business Insider 

Why is the GOP good with the sequester? Not only would it lay off hundreds of unionized public sector workers, but it ensures that the middle class takes a financial hit instead of their top campaign contributors who make their living from capital gains instead of working. 

Scrap the Sequester, Solve Inequality - Truth Out 

There's very little evidence that low rates on capital gains have any effect on economic growth at all. In fact, you can make an argument that current rates are too low. It's possible that higher rates might benefit the economy.

Want to Tackle Income Inequality? You Need to Go After Capital Gains - Mother Jones

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The great American middle class wasn’t something that just happened – it was built brick by brick. It was built by soldiers returning from war and a government that repaid them by giving them a shot at college.